Celebrate National Women's Day with Flowers

Published: 28th June 2009
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National Women's Day is celebrated on the 9th of August in South Africa annually. It is a day when women are celebrated for everything they bring to their loved ones' lives and the rest of society. Women have taken on the world with strength, talent and confidence and fulfil many vital roles in all areas of life. A popular choice of gift to send on this Women's Day is flowers. A beautiful bouquet composed of her favourite blooms, expertly arranged into a neat and colourful gift is an appropriate and traditional gift for this special day.

The rest of the globe celebrates Women's Day on the 8th of March but in South Africa the 9th of August has a special significance in terms of the importance of women. National Women's Day originated in 1994 to commemorate the women's march on the 9th of August 1956, a moment which was pivotal in shaping the democratic future of South Africa and the freedom of all citizens. The march protested the Apartheid Government's law that all non-whites must carry an identity document, otherwise known as a "pass". These identity documents placed limitations on the freedom of movement of non-whites.

Women in South Africa today
Luckily a lot has changed in South Africa since 1956. Besides the abolishment of Apartheid, the country has progressed in terms of gender equality too. Women are employed in highly authoritative jobs and are leaders of industries.

They have excelled in professions previously seen as "male". Whether a doctor, teacher, scientist, secretary, CEO, sportswoman, mother, daughter - women play a definite and pivotal role in society. Women's Day is an opportunity for all South Africans to celebrate women and the roles which they play in shaping the country.

Flowers especially for women
Certain types of flowers carry special meanings, which make a perfect addition to any bouquet of Women's Day flowers. Blooms symbolising what women represent in our lives - strength, kindness, beauty, joy and devotion, make for a very meaningful gift. Some ideas for flowers to send are:

  • Gladioli, a brightly coloured bloom is symbolic of strength of character.

  • Small rosebuds in any colour are traditional for symbolising purity and loveliness. A pink rose symbolises grace, happiness and gratitude.

  • Sunflowers, with their happy and bright flowers are symbolic of adoration.

  • Bright blooms of a yellow Alstroemeria symbolise wealth, prosperity and fortune.

Sending a flower gift comprised of a variety of flowers with traditional meanings is a thoughtful and memorable gesture for any woman on Women's Day. A surprise gift will certainly delight any woman who has a special place in your life, whether she is your mother, spouse, girlfriend, sister or friend.

Benefits of buying flowers online
Buying Women's Day flowers through an online florist offers many benefits for the purchaser. Good online florists should offer Women's Day flowers in their online catalogues. The websites should be secure and offer safe payment facilities, eradicating the possibility of credit card fraud.

Online florists will generally offer a delivery service. A woman who receives a bouquet in her office, at home or at a restaurant will be touched by the surprise. Good flower and gift delivery services are dependable and focused around providing the freshest cut flowers with punctuality.

Women's Day is all about celebrating the distinctive characteristics of the women we adore. Sending a surprise gift of Women's Day flowers is a tasteful and exciting way to express appreciation. Spoil the women in your life on the 9th of August with a beautifully arranged selection of their favourite flowers. Take time to consider everything women contribute to society and our everyday lives and show your gratitude with a surprise delivery of gorgeous flowers.

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Interflora South Africa is an online florist who provides fresh cut flowers for all occasions such as National Women's Day flowers on the 9th of August annually.

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