Flowers of South Africa: Fresh cut flowers for any occasion

Published: 30th October 2009
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South Africa boasts a surprisingly rich selection of flowers. The country is host to a vast and world-famous array of flowers, shrubs and trees which grow in the arid and Mediterranean climates of the country.

One of the world's six floral kingdoms is situated in the Cape. Although it is a space of just 0.2% of the earth's surface, it contains 3.2% of all the world's flowers. This shows just how thriving South Africa's floral growth is! As well as the indigenous fynbos that occurs all over the Western Cape and some parts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa boasts many other species of flowers, including the very attractive fresh cut flowers available on the flower market.

You don't need to travel into the Cape's floral regions to enjoy these colourful blossoms. In fact, you don't need to travel at all! Order South African flowers online now, and uplift any room with the vibrant blooms indigenous to South Africa.

The Cape Floral Region: Flowers of South Africa
The Cape Floral Region is part of the larger Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest of the world's floral kingdoms. The area contains almost 8,600 species of flowers, of which almost 70% are indigenous and unique to the region. This means that the flowers and plants growing in this area do not occur naturally anywhere else in the world.

The fynbos found in the floral kingdom has a pleasant fragrance and exotic appearance. There are many different species that bloom at different times of the year, and in the South Western Cape, there are flowers blooming perennially. The protea, South Africa's national flower, is found throughout the cape Floral Region, as is the strelitzia, a highly striking and colourful bloom also known as the bird of paradise flower.

In Namaqualand, a dry and rocky stretch of land on the West Coast of South Africa, the spring brings many daisies and other flowers collectively known as the Namaqualand Daisies. The spring daisies are a popular tourist attraction, as the area becomes carpeted with the yellow and red flowers.

The Karoo, too, has floral attractions, despite having an arid desert climate. During winter, flowering aloes are a beautiful sight to behold in the area. The Drakensberg Mountains and the escarpment in Limpopo and Mpumalangha feature a spectacular assortment of flowering plants.

Ericas are the largest family of flowering plants in South Africa. These flowers bloom in a variety of colours at different times of the year, especially in the Cape region. The area also has some 550 species of orchid flowers and arum lilies. White lilies indigenous to South Africa are from the Cape region and pink and yellow lilies are found throughout the rest of the country.

Popular fresh cut flowers in South Africa
South Africa has a wide variety of bulbous plants and orchids that can be used as fresh cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Some of the most popular of these flowers are agapanthus, Barberton daisies, freesias, gerberas, orchids and sunflowers. These flowers are widely available from various nurseries for home cultivation, or they can be ordered through florists as fresh cut flowers.

South African fresh cut flowers make a wonderful gift on any occasion, or simply to brighten up your living rooms. With the colourful floral displays available through online florists and delivery services, it is easy to experience the beauty of South African flowers in your very own home.

The online catalogues available through these florists in South Africa are usually quite extensive, featuring many of the indigenous flowers of South Africa. Easy-to-navigate websites, combined with search functions, help customers to narrow down their choices and find the product best suited to their requirements.

Online florists are especially useful for delivering flowers on occasions when families are separated by distance. Dedicated and reliable delivery services ensure that fresh cut flowers arrive timeously and in the crispest condition possible.

Enjoy indigenous South African flowers every day
South Africa features a rich diversity of flowers. The shrubs and fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, coupled with exquisite bulbous plants, lend South Africa its reputation for floral wealth. Enjoy the splendour of South African flowers when you send flowers and gifts with an online florist.

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