Popular Flower Arrangements: Flowers for Any Occasion

Published: 25th November 2009
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Just about everyone loves receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers. Whether for a special occasion, a birthday, or simply to surprise a friend or loved one, a bunch of flowers brightens anyone's day. Flowers are also an appropriate token of appreciation, gratitude, remembrance, sympathy or support, and can be given in a variety of situations, to just about any individual.

Via an online florist, you'll find a wide range of flower gifts for any occasion, beautifully arranged and decorated for that special touch. We take great care to create flower arrangements that are unique, appropriate and fresh, thus ensuring that every flower gift is of the highest quality, and stylishly presented to its recipient. We've also taken all the leg-work out of choosing the right bunch of flowers for the occasion - our skilled florists are up to date with the latest flower trends and established flower traditions, and prepare bouquets that are always fitting, and always beautiful.

Browse the online catalogues of flowers arrangements to find an ideal flower gift or hamper. Alternatively, read on to learn more about popular flower arrangements for every occasion.

Where does the tradition of giving flowers come from?

The practice of giving flowers harks back as far as prehistoric times, and more recently, our modern ancestors established flower giving traditions that still exist today. In prehistoric times, flowers were recognised for their medicinal and healing qualities, and were thus given as charitable and thoughtful gifts - just as they are today.

Later, in the Middle Ages, several significant floral rituals were established, for a number of interesting reasons. During this period, couples were banned from showing affection to each other in public - so instead, they gave flowers to one another, thus expressing their ardour. Some couples even encoded love messages into the flower arrangements, and were thus able to send messages to each other.

It's hardly surprising, then, that by the time of the Victorian era, the Language of Flowers - a Persian custom - was being used extensively to convey messages using flowers. Even the military adopted this practice, which had become so advanced that enemies believed that the pretty bouquets were simply flowers, and not carefully-crafted messages!

Today, while people may not send actual messages using flowers, bouquets are used just as much, to convey many different messages and emotions. A symbolic gift, flowers are used to express love, friendship, celebration and commiseration, and are also given at holiday times and on special occasions.

Choosing the right flower gift for that special occasion

It's easy to send red roses to your sweetheart or bright yellow daisies to a friend. But what about the more important, grave or momentous occasions in life? Do you know which flower arrangements are most appropriate for each of life's milestones?

For birthdays, which are one of the most popular occasions for sending flowers, choose a bright, vibrant bunch of seasonal flowers, and for an extra special touch, include the birth flower for that month. For births, daisies are good choice, as they represent purity and innocence. Funerals and times of sympathy, on the other hand, call for a more sombre bouquet - opt for roses, gladiolas or carnations in white or shades of cream. Lilies and orchids are also classic choices.

Wishing someone a speedy recovery? Be sure to select vivdly-coloured, seasonal blossoms - gerberas are a great choice. Graduation or other academic achievements call for an elegant flower arrangement, such as orchids or lilies, while anniversary flowers should include blossoms that are symbolic or meaningful to your partner, or to the couple in question. Finally, it's always a great idea to present housewarming flowers in a vase - a vase often comes in handy when boxes are still sealed, or homeware hasn't yet been purchased!

Find the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion online

You'll find a bouquet for any special celebration or milestone when you browse online flower catalogues on the Internet. Search for a specific type of flower arrangement, or browse the selection to find the one that you like best. If you order early in the day, you could enjoy same-day delivery of your bouquet or hamper.

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